Stay or Go

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know that I have been looking for a shower curtain for our guest bathroom.  I tried a white one.  I tried a black and white one. I tried a pink and grey striped one. (If I was a good blogger I’d have pictures of them…but trust me.  Not good.)

Now I am on shower curtain #4 (West Elm's Stripe Shower Curtain).  Should this decision be this difficult? No.  Third world problems are hard.

Today I would like your vote.  Should shower curtain #4 stay or go? 

Labor Day 140
Labor Day 144

I’m usually a big believer in decorating your house with things you love.  I think I just don’t love shower curtains.  They all look weird to me.  I’m leaning towards liking it but I’m just not sure.  I’d like to hear what you all think. 

I plan on purchasing new bath mats (I gave up on the runner idea because they are all too expensive for my liking) once I decide on a curtain.  (Nate and I also realized that the light bulbs in here cast off a really yellow glow so we will be switching them out soonish.)  Any other thoughts on decorating this space?  Do share.  There are no wrong answers. 

Feel free to comment with why you chose “stay” or “go”!