Washer Monogram

It’s time for Pinterest Challenge DIY project #2.  (Check out Project #1 here!)

I’m usually not a huge fan of monograms but I thought this one was unique enough for me to get past the whole monogram thing.


And the dresser in our master bedroom needed something to live on it.  And washers are surprisingly pretty and cheap, especially when you already have a bunch hanging out in your garage.

This project was pretty straight forward.  Slightly time consuming. Lately I have this impressive ability to make simple tasks extremely difficult.

I printed out a large “S”.  I then placed a piece of cardstock over the printed “S” and lined up various sizes of washers on top using the “S” as a guide.  I then glued the washers in place using tacky glue. I liked using both sides of the washers for added contrast. Easy.  I did get a little carried away with the glue at the beginning.  I was like a pre-schooler on the first day of class…except I didn’t eat it.  Luckily it dried clear.  I then placed it in an inexpensive from purchased from the Target.

Here’s my final product…


It makes me smile.  I kind of want to make the entire alphabet. Making this was weirdly therapeutic.

It now lives happily in our bedroom.  Along with a couple of Salvation Army finds, our framed engagement collage, and another Pinterest inspired print that I made in Photoshop.  (The word “darling” makes me laugh. These heavenly muffins were part of the inspiration.)

Make your own Washer Monogram. Easy and inexpensive craft.  Great idea for craft night!

Are you a monogram fan?  What would you call someone “darling” for….muffins, waffles, pancakes, ice cream??  A new ceiling fan in your master bedroom?  Oh darling, Nate….

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