Hive Vase Sort of Knock Off

It’s time for Pinterest Challenge #3 (Here’s #1 and #2 ).

It’s no secret that I love West Elm. Just not their prices. 

Take this vase for instance….$24….seriously?  It’s tiny.


I REALLY liked it…but not $24 liked it.  So I pinned it and moved on.

And then I got to thinking (scary, yes), didn’t I pin something about using puff paint on glass jars and then spray painting them?  Why yes, I did!


How hard could it be to do a hive pattern on a $0.50 vase from the Salvation Army?  Quite hard actually.  About half way through I was about 2 seconds from clicking on “buy me now” on the West Elm site because I was so frustrated with this project.  And I went I get frustrated, I buy things.  (I should mention that it was also near nap time…my nap time.  Note to self.  Don’t do crafts when sleepy.)  But I did eventually finish it.



Eh.  The puff paint didn’t come out quite as even as I would have liked but at this point I was just glad that I had found a way to get some resemblance of a hive pattern.  It looks good from a distance.  Ish.

If you have a steadier hand, it may be worth trying.  Here’s how I did it.

Round up your supplies:

  • A jar or vase
  • Puff Paint
  • Stencil


Step #1:  Figure out how to get your stencil onto your vase for easy tracing.  Or freehand it if you are super crafty.  Just don’t tell me about it.  I may hurt you.  The memory is still a little to fresh on this project.  I ended up printing out a bunch of little hives and then taping them to the inside of the glass jar (which I failed to photograph…because I was angry).

Step #2: Trace stencil with puff paint.  It helps to have a steady hand.  I do not.  (Dental school dreams were crushed when I realized that my shaky hand would cause some problems in a person’s mouth.)  The puff paint didn’t come out evenly.  I decided I liked it that way.  Because I was tired.  Don’t mess with my Sunday afternoon naps.


Step #3: I spray primed and painted the vase after the puff paint had dried.  Easiest step of the whole project.

Step #4:  Display it…proudly?…in your master bedroom.  You know, the room that a lot of people don’t see.




I’m kind of over crafts right now.  At least my dresser has a little bit more life.

Have you ever tried to knock off something that you loved? How’d it turn out?  What are your thoughts on knock offs? Are they thrifty or theft?  (Here’s a link to this topic on Apartment Therapy that has me thinking.)