Striped Sheets

I have a slight obsession with stripes lately.  When I saw these sheets from West Elm, I knew I had to have them.  Plus they were $30.00 off. I’m a sucker for a sale.  And I think I had a bad day at work.  I work because I shop. I shop because I work.  Viscous cycle.

Stripe Sheet Set

I’m in love.  With sheets. Wrinkly sheets.  Who irons sheets? Seriously.  Don’t tell me you do. 




I was slightly worried because they were 200 thread count and I don’t have a West Elm near me to touch them.  They aren’t as soft as our previous sheets (which were a higher thread count). I may be blinded by their extreme cuteness but I think they are cozy.  Nate, on the other hand, claims the sheets are ripping his skin off.  I believe that is his poison ivy.  It’s hard living with a princess.

More importantly…what does Ike think?


Looks like he approves!  It also looks like I lost my spot in bed…

Do you and your significant other disagree on bedding?  How do you compromise?  I’m thinking about sewing half and half sheets.  Or we’ll just let the dog decide!