Rod Lightening

Do you remember when we made our own curtain rods for our master bedroom? (If not, read about it here.)

The black just wasn’t doing it for me.  (Neither is that ceiling fan but we’ll get to that another day.)

I decided to lighten the place up with some satin nickel spray paint.  I choose Rust-Oleum’s Satin Nickel.  It was ~$9 for the can.  Ouch. It is worth it though because I can speak from personal experience that the non-metallic spray paints are weird looking.

After a quick spray paint session, our bedroom now looks like this (with a fast dog)…




Picnik collage1

The bedroom is slowly getting coming together.  What’s left?

  • Learn to fluff comforter and turn off ceiling fan before photos.
  • Build a bed frame.
  • Install crown molding.
  • Replace ceiling fan with a less ugly ceiling fan.
  • Replace carpet with wood floors.  (I’m dreaming big here.)

Does anyone out there have a completely finished room?  If so, how’d you decide you were finished? Once I think I’m close I always dream up something more.  Tell me I’m not the only one!