Lazy Laundry

This week-end Nate and I worked a little on the laundry room.  We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this room because I’m the only one that sees it.  This was actually the 2nd time Nate had been in this room since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago.  Ok, maybe the 3rd time. 

The room needed help…

Summer To Do (43)
Summer To Do (46)

Yes,it mainly just needed cleaned but I also wanted it to be a little prettier.  I had originally planned to paint it.  Maybe even add some stripes.  Or pink.  But in the end, I was lazy.  And cheap.
I wasn’t in the mood to paint a room that wasn’t an ugly color…and did I mention that I’m the only one that sees this room. So, I sewed a closet curtain and faux roman shade.  I also painted some shelving boards.  Cheap and sort of easy.  And much cleaner…


I still need to add some art on the walls but I’m debating as to what I want.  We will also eventually add some crown molding and maybe a small sink. 

Our laundry room isn’t like some of the showstoppers that I have seen lately but these small, inexpensive changes did make the room just a little bit cheerier.  And when it comes to laundry…I need all of the cheer I can get!

What are your thoughts on laundry rooms?  Should a dumping ground be a well designed space or does it really matter because no one sees it but you? Does your significant other know where the laundry room is?

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