The Hamptons of the Midwest

Thanks to my guest bloggers for holding down the fort last week while I was hanging out in Miller Beach, IN….

Miller Beach 126

The house was very unique.  6 floors total.  The kitchen was beautiful…



Miller Beach on the other hand….not quite the Hamptons.  We wouldn’t recommend the location as a destination for your next vacation (not the safest town, had to travel 20 minutes to decent restaurants/shopping, not the safest town)…but we enjoyed our family bonding and beach time!

The views from the house were impressive…

Miller Beach 037

You could see the Chicago sky-line from the top deck…

Miller Beach 198

The sunset on Lake Michigan was great for pondering life…

Miller Beach 102

and posing with the love of your life….who was DISGUSTING from sand volleyball (we’re closet pros…ask the fam)…but look at that sunset…

Miller Beach 109

Who doesn’t love bonding with their Kindle in a hammock? (P.S. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and Bossypants….great beach reads!)

Miller Beach 163

Ike had a rough start to vacation….barfing in the car while stuck in Chicago traffic (awesome) and a near death experience falling down some deck stairs (I can never have human children)…but things started to look up after a good run with his cousin…

Miller Beach 181

We also hung out with some cute kids….oh yeah, and their parents…




Have you taken a vacation with the whole family? Did you survive?  Where’s your favorite place travel with the family?

I cleaned up the side bar a little bit yesterday.  You will now find fancy buttons at the top of the blog that better enable you to stalk us on multiple social media sites.  We included a link to our recently opened Flickr account…for those of you who can’t get enough of our vacation photos…and to save the rest of you from having to view them on the blog!