Favorite Project- A Little Paint

Today’s guest is Gloria from A Little Paint.  I started reading Gloria’s blog after she had commented here.  (A wise person once said that good things come to those who comment. (P.S. I’m the wise person.)) 

The original post I read on A Little Paint was about the ombre dresser she is going to share with you today.  But I was really impressed when I clicked on her house tour tab.  Look at this bedroom…darling…



Hi! I'm Gloria from A Little Paint. I'm just getting into the swing of blogging and updating my house in Oklahoma. I am so honored to guest post here, because Michelle's house is amazing and I absolutely love her blog... and her dog. When she told me the theme was "Favorite Projects" I thought I couldn't be more perfect, I have at least a thousand. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who is like Oh my gosh this is my favorite dessert, Oh THIS is my favorite, oh yeah definitely this cake is my favorite. So sometimes it's hard to pick one, but here goes my favorite project at the moment. It's my ombre armoire.


I bought this big guy on craigslist with no real purpose for it other than it was A) interesting B) cheap and C) something to do. This was somewhat of a whirlwind project for me. I have a tendency to buy furniture and let it sit around for weeks, months, even years agonizing, er waiting, on the perfect inspiration for it. Not this guy, I bought, painted and conquered all in a few short days.


It was a big brown box and needed some work. I sanded it down, and added some bun feet that I had laying around from a previously failed project. In my opinion, this is what truly changed the look and feel of this. It went from looking like a standing double coffin with mirrors to a much prettier piece of furniture that deserves to be appreciated.


The inspiration slapped me in the face as I was walking by it in the garage the day after I bought it. I wasn't even thinking or looking at it when it hit me. It was like a vision, a walking daydream and I knew right then and there that all of those pretty drawers needed to be ombre'd. I tried to set up a system since I didn't have a dark color that I could just add more white to. I went the wayyy difficult route of mixing each individual color. Sorry, this doesn't help much in the way of tutorial except for what NOT to do. I'm a go with the flow kind of person who does a lot of custom color mixing and just "eyeballing it".


Now that I've skipped the most interesting step of this project here are the drawer painted, and sexy legs on. I want to grab a pillow and blanket and sleep inside because I love it so much.


I kept the original hardware cause I love me some turquoise and brass. Plus hardware can be crazy expensive. Okay, so maybe that's my real reason, but I do like those handles.

Here are those pretty new feet I added for extra height. Now it doesn't have as much visual weight as it did before. Me likey. I bought these at Home Depot. They have a decent selection if you're impatient and don't want to order something off of the internet.

Here it happily sits in my studio. I get crazy amounts of storage out of it. There's tons of fabric, blank canvases, paint, spray paint, water colors, sketchbooks, paper. Basically, it's an artroom in a box and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Originally, I planned to make it over and sell it. Now I could never do that. I mean, it's love and how do you sell love? I find myself walking into this room constantly just to see it again and admire it. That's how your home should make you feel. It doesn't matter if no one else likes this project as much as I do, it's part of my home and a perfect reflection of me!


Well put, Gloria!  I’m a big believer is surrounding yourself with things you love in your home. But I think she should sell the ombre dresser.  To me….

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