I love stripes.  I also love blogging.

When on I saw this post over at decor8, I knew I had to participate.  Who can pass up a #Stripe Mania party?? Plus I had planned to wear this dress to a birthday party this week-end so it was perfect timing!

Ben Birthday 014 copypn

They said to accessorize.  Check out that belt and earrings. I’m a total fashionista! :P

I also just received this purse in the mail on Friday.  My first Etsy purchase and I’m in love.  It’s darling.  I’m not into designer handbags. I prefer cute unique bags like this.

 Black white denim handbag

There you have it.  Me in stripes.  A fashion post on Decor and the Dog.  Don’t worry, there won’t be many more of these because my house is better dressed than I am.

Participating in this party is super easy except for the fact that I don’t really get Twitter.  I blame it on my old age.  You can follow me @decorandthedog and teach me all about this tweeting bizness.

Be sure to let me know if you participate so I can check out your stripey attire!

Happy Sunday!  Must get to being productive…gloomy day and all!