Trio of Mirrors

The Salvation Army comes through again....

This trio of mirrors was $9.00 ($3.00 per mirror).

Plus $3.00 for black spray paint equals...

(Ike could care less about mirrors...he just wants to play tennis ball.)

Spray painting mirrors is easy if you can take the mirror out. 
The backs on these were pretty secure so I just decided to skip tearing them apart or taping them and just spray painted away. 
I've taped mirrors in the past and the paint still sneaks it's way through...probably because I'm impatient with tape. 
Mirrors are nice though because you can take a razor to them and they are as good as new!

Moral of this mirror story: They are a lazy person's dream project.

Now where to hang them.....
I think I have an idea....which I will share with you tomorrow!