Curtain Dilemma

Why are there not more grey curtain options in the world?  Why do I always like expensive things?

Here are my current options but they will probably change by tomorrow night...

A. West Elm's Luxe Window Panel in Zinc
                                 Pros: least expensive
                                 Cons: unsure what color zinc actually looks like

B. West Elm's Opaque Linen Pole-Pocket Panel in Platinum
                               Pros: still in my comfort price range
                               Cons: thicker than I want and maybe too brown-grey

C. West Elm's Silk Dupioni Panel in Pewter
                               Pros: Beautiful and I'm in love
                               Cons: Would take 1/2 of my monthly decorating "allowance"

What are your thoughts? I want a blue-grey and not brown-grey. 

I need an intervention...