Duvet is a Funny Word

After looking at every available duvet cover on-line (I wish I was joking), I think I have narrowed it down to these 2 (but I am still going to do a quick check at Target, TJMaxx, and Marshall's before I click the "order" button).

I want to get both and swap them out as my mood changes but since I still owe the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy thousands of dollars, I need to pick one. :P  Which do you prefer?

Option 1: West Elm Organic Pintuck Duvet in Sea Spray or White

West Elm Pintuck Sea Spray (reviews say it is a light/blue grayish)

Room View
West Elm Pintuck White


Option #2:  West Elm Parachute Duvet in Feather Gray or White

Room View

Room View

Things to consider:
  • I am NOT going to repaint...because I like the color and more importantly, I would have to paint it myself.
  • Ike does sleep in the bed.... A LOT.
  • Reviews on both are good.  Some pintuck reviews do say that the pintucks may rip but it doesn't change the appearance. 
  • What are your thoughts on white?  The dog isn't too messy but occassionally in the summer there may be a few paw prints on my white sheets but white is easy to oxi-clean or bleach. 
  • I think we are leaning towards the parachute in gray but those pintucks are so pretty.....

Bring on the opinions!!!