Before and After: Dog Edition

Check out this before and after!!

Ike before his grooming.

Ike after his grooming.

He is ridiculously cute when his hair is long...but there comes a time when the poor dog can't see and we have to deal with things like a poo bum...not fun (and probably too much info...that's what you get when you read this blog....too much useless info. Why are you still reading? :P).

Wire Fox Terriers need to be groomed because they do not shed (bonus!!).  They have 2 coats.  The top coat is dense and wiry and the undercoat is soft and short.

I have read various things about the "proper" way to groom a wire fox terrier.  The "proper" way mainly depends on if you want to groom the dog as a pet or as a show dog.  Most dogs for show are stripped (the hair is "stripped" out by hand to preserve the colors and glossiness of the coat).  Most pets are clipped, which may cause the coat to be softer, curlier, and duller.  Ike gets the latter.  Why? Because most groomers in the area don't do stripping and we're too lazy to do it ourselves. Simple as that! 

And now you have learned something about the grooming of Wire Fox Terriers.  Very helpful, I'm sure!