Bedroom Progress

While I wait impatiently patiently for our duvet to arrive, I have been working on getting some other things in order.

Let's review what the bedroom looked like before:

And here it is currently:

(The black thing on the floor is Ike's skunk. He kept dropping it in my pictures. Whatever.)

I removed the decals from the wall, started cleaning up the nightstands, and replaced the lamps.

I found the replacement lamps at TJMaxx. 

I think they are a better size than the previous lamps from Target.  The Target lamps will now live in the guest room.

Still on the to-do list:
  • finish the headboard
  • wait for the duvet to arrive
  • look for some cheap blue/grey/silver/white books
  • ponder hanging something above the headboard
  • talk nate into replacing the ceiling fan with a cute chandelier like this...if only ceiling fans weren't a neccesity in Iowa....a girl can dream....
Home - Worlds Away: Venis Capiz Chandelier by: Worlds Away furniture - - Venis Capiz Chandelier
image found here

Who doesn't love a to-do list?  Any other suggestions?