Boo! Halloween Mantel Decor

Boo! I'm backkkkk!  

Spooky, right?    

My buddy, Gretchen, suckered me back in with her Dec-O-Ween blog hop.  Some old and new blog buddies are sharing some awesome Halloween decor inspiration.  Halloween decor isn't usually my thing. I tend to favor Fall decor over skeletons and witches. I am, however, glad I had an extra push to bring a little spook into our home. I'm also glad for the extra motivation to jump back into blogging. I've missed blogging. I've missed creating. I've missed you all! (Just don't expect too much. Kind of like before.  Bad grammar. Randomness. Lots of dog photos.  The usual.)

Before decorating the mantel, I told Nate that I'm sure little Clark will get a kick out of Halloween decor in the future. Turns out he already loves it! When he woke up from his nap on Sunday, he said "Oooo" and kept pointing at the lighted witch's hat." I honestly didn't think he'd notice.  He's going to lose his mind at Christmas! 

Most of these decorations were picked up at Michael's or Target.  Michael's had their Halloween stuff 50% off plus a 20% off your purchase coupon. Boom.

I'm trying to be realistic about what I can actually accomplish these days.  Old Michelle would have handmade that banner or whipped up a decorated pumpkin.  Time is precious these days and I think I'm smarter. I mean, that banner cost me $2.50.  It's super cute and took me 2 minutes to string. There were very few swear words. I think I can get behind this pre-made craft stuff. 

I did whip up the creepy crawly candles.  And by "whipped up" I mean I busted out my hot glue.  So much crafty. (Nate hates spiders. I'm a good wife for including them in this year's decor.  I mean, they're covered in glitter.)

Look at me getting all blogger with the cozy blanket and pumpkins by the fireplace. (Secret: That basket is crammed full of toys.) 

There you have it. One million pictures of my 8 Halloween decorations!  But I took photos! I figured out my blog password! I wrote a post!  BIG DAY, FRIENDS! BIG DAY!!!

Now it's time to check out the handy work of my buddies!  This party is taking place all week so be sure to stop by and say "trick or treat"!