Clark's Nursery: Part 2

Let's continue on with the nursery tour.  (Check out Part 1 here!)

Ike will help guide us.  He kept a close eye on the nursery progress. 

Well, he kept a close eye in between naps.

Our starting pieces for the room were the crib and the chair. The crib is the Babymod Marley Crib. We liked the simple style. We also liked that the feet made it look a little vintage. I purchased the chair from the Salvation Army for $40. I was for sure Nate was going to veto it but it surprisingly made the cut. I knew I wanted a navy pouf to join it. Is it sad that a pouf costs more than a chair? Yes, it is. But this was another one of those hormone induced purchases. It has come in quite handy though. We've already spent lots of time rocking in the past 9 weeks.
I really like chalkboards. How cliche blogger of me. But I truly love them. Black didn't seem right but old school green was perfect. We hoped to find one on Craigslist but no such luck. It's a good thing Nate is handy because he whipped this up for the little guy. We'll share a tutorial soon. The "C" is recent from Hobby Lobby. The clock is from TJMaxx. (This one is similar.)

The quilt was handmade with love by mwah.  (Tutorial here!)

The chalkboard is part of our newest favorite discussion.  I told myself going into parenting that I wouldn't "keep score".  Nate is so darn helpful and it's just not a healthy thing to do.  But then there are those mornings at 3:30am when you've already been up 4 times.  Rational thoughts go out the window.  During one 3:30am feeding I came up with a brilliant idea.  I will record the number of weekend nights I am awake feeding Clark.  I will also include week nights when I go back to work.  (Maternity leave week nights won't count.)  Nate will then be responsible for the same amount of nights once I am done breastfeeding.  He told me to keep a tally on the chalkboard.  I need to get started.  I think I'll rack up enough to sleep soundly until Clark's 4.  We can both hope that Clark decides to be an excellent sleeper.

We were trying to decide what to do for a changing table.  We didn't really need a dresser in the room because the built-ins and closet provide a lot of storage.  I found this little mid-century storage cabinet at a local shop.  It's a great size and holds lots of diapers, wipes, creams, etc.  We found the art at a local antique store as well.  It's a drawing of the Niabi zoo (our local zoo).  It's from the 80's and is a cute little time capsule.  We created a new mat and stuck it in an IKEA frame to give it an updated look.  The stop light is recent from Hobby Lobby.

Now I'm going to do something shocking for blogland. I'm going to show you the ENTIRE room.  Whoa.

It's super cozy but there's still plenty of room for playing.  And for pacing the room bouncing and "shhh-ing". (Although this activity is decreasing.  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!)

Now for a little before and after.  It's fun when you start with a horrible before.

Don't forget to check out the built-ins in Part 1 of the tour.

Now it's nap time. For all of us.  Ike totally needs it.  The constant diaper changes are wearing him out.