Master Bedroom Refresh

Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was a lovely one.  We are in full on baby prep mode around here.  Nate worked on finishing up the nursery built-ins and I worked on stocking our freezer.  We also took some time to finish sprucing up our master bedroom.  Ike is pleased with the changes.

I swapped out our previous pillow shams and throw pillows for something a little more light and airy.  Or whatever terms the fancy bloggers are using these days.  I was feeling the need for calm.  Less pattern.  Less color.  Simpler. 

And cozy.  Cozy is important.  Ike agrees.  Our bed is his favorite spot in the house.  He won't be pleased by me writing this but he's sort of a bed/blanket/sheet hog.

See, he's sensitive.  He refuses to model with all of the "lies" I'm telling about him.

Not only did we switch out the shams and pillows, we also added new sheets to the bed.  We went with simple white sheets with a pretty stitched stripe from Perfect Linens

Sleep isn't my friend lately with this big ol' belly that I'm supporting.  Anything that makes sleeping more enjoyable is welcomed at this point.

Nate and I have had a long standing battle in regards to sheets.  I kept choosing pretty patterned sheets that might not have been the softest.  Nate's sensitive man skin requires extra soft sheets.  After a few nights in the Second Skin sheets, I'm kicking myself for choosing "pretty" over super soft.  Just don't tell Nate that he's always right. 

There are so many things that I truly love about these sheets.  First, they are ridiculously soft.  Perfect Linens tests how sheets feel AFTER they have been washed.  Which is genius.  In the past I've bought what I thought were soft sheets only to wash them and have them turn kind of crusty feeling.  (Gross, right.)  The Second Skin sheets are made of a cotton that is airy and doesn't cling.  Nate and I are also both fans of the generously oversized flat sheet.  I've been sleeping with a giant pregnancy pillow.  Couple that with a sheet stealing dog and you have one of us fighting for coverage (and it's not Ike).  Big fans of that extra material!  I also like that you can spritz these sheets with a little water and hand-press them, eliminating the need to iron. Fancy! 

Plus the stitching is super cute so I still kind of win, right?

It's crazy how a few simple changes can make our room feel like a cozy retreat!  Which will be needed in the next month with a newborn in the house.

Ike's not sure about this newborn business but he couldn't stay away from the comfy bed for long!

Sources: Second Skin Sheets {Perfect Linens}, White Shams {Target, old}, Grey Shams {West Elm, old}, throw pillows {Target, recent}, duvet {Crane and Canopy}, headboard {made it, tutorial here!}

The kind folks over at Perfect Linens are offering $50 off your purchase with code DECORDOG50. Excellent!