July Recap + Michelle’s Crazy Thoughts

Oh hey. It’s almost the end of August.  Time for the July recap. 

First. I must share the crazy thoughts going through my head.

1. I want camo skinny jeans.  It’s a new obsession.  Someone find me some cheap ones. JCrew has a beautiful pair but camo probably isn’t one of those closet staples that I should splurge on.  Nate doesn’t get it.  I think those Duck Dynasty boys are wearing off on me. 

2. I don’t know what is more embarrassing for me.  The fact that I watch Duck Dynasty or the Kardashians.  At least neither is on a regular basis.  I really don’t watch that much tv.  I clearly make good decisions when I do.

3. Someone send me a way to get rid of moles.  They are destroying our yard.  I might sprain my ankle.  This is serious stuff.  Nate has been fighting them for 4 years and he refuses to hire someone to get the job done. I’m going to make it my mission.  Or publicly humiliate him into it.  Probably the latter.

4.  Don’t Google nude scarf.  Don’t.  This and #1 are good reasons for me to stick to DIY projects and not fashion.

5. Ike lodged a complaint with me.  He needs a dog bed in the sewing room.  He told me to put a rush order into Sew Midwestern.  Poor thing.


Happy July recap!  Happy weekend!

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