How to Make Curtains (DIY)

Do you all remember the great stencil debate of 2013? You know, the debate from 3 weeks ago.  How could you forget? The results are in.


I totally listened to you all.  Mainly because your votes aligned with my laziness.  Curtains for the win.

craft room curtains

Actually, I’m still debating what to do with that wall.  I’m milking this craft room like Katie Bower is milking that kitchen of hers.  (Give me 3 1/2 more weeks until tax season ends and my carpenter returns.)  I might paint the walls grey.  I might paint them grey chevron.  I might leave them white and get on with it.  Only time will tell my dear readers.

Making curtains is easy. Like monkeys could do it in their sleep easy. But people pin crap like this on Pinterest all of the time so enjoy my blown out curtain photo.  Also, the word curtain begins to look really funny when you type it a lot.  Maybe it’s just looks funny after checking 250 prescriptions.

DIY curtains

Step 1.  Buy fabric.  I purchased a little over 5 yards.  This beautiful ikat-esque fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  Be sure to have a 40% off coupon. 

Step 2.  Cut your fabric to the length that you would like your curtain panels.

Step 3.  Hem the edges of all sides.  Use whatever seam allowance you would like.  Go with the flow, man.

Step 4.  Hang the curtains from cute little curtain holder doo-hickeys.  (This is why I’m a pharmacist and not a professional home decor blogger.)

craft room curtains 030

Step 5. Enjoy.  Show those monkeys who is boss.  Ike totally is.

craft room curtains and ike

DIY curtains and a sleepy Wire Fox Terrier

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Have you made curtains?  Are you sad that your coral chevron didn’t win?  Are you as bored with the craft room as Ike is?  He votes that a dog bed is the next project.  Poor thing needs a place to sleep while I craft.