BFFs and Why You Should Blog

BFF has a new meaning.  Blog Friends Forever.

I kill myself with corniness.

All kidding aside, I hung out with two of my favorite blog buddies last week-end (Cindy (The Flipping Couple) and Kim (NewlyWoodwards))  I’m still trying to recover from lack of sleep. Even though we went to bed at 10:30.  We’re party animals. I think it’s my “introverts get energy sapped from hanging out with others” theory. Yes, that.

Here’s the only picture of the three of us.  You know, the one where I already look like I’ve drank a pitcher of sangria and spilled it down myself.  (I had a small issue opening some club soda.  Small.  It definitely did not spray all over my kitchen.  Definitely not.  I should probably have my own Food Network show.)


If you would have asked me three years ago if two strangers from the internet would be two of my favorite people in the world.  I would have laughed at you.  I’ve only hung out with Cindy three times yet she feels like someone I’ve known forever.  I currently spend more time with Kim than I do my husband.  If you think about it though, when you read about people’s lives on a daily basis you almost know more about their current lives than the real life friends you only see once a month.  Kind of strange.

Blog friends are great because they get you.  If you don’t blog, you don’t have a complete understanding of how weird the world of blogland is.  It’s hard to explain but it’s like you become part of this parallel universe.  It’s totally cool to Instagram your dinner.  It’s almost rude not to.

Blog friends know what you should serve them for breakfast. I read Kim’s mind.  She totally didn’t demand baked donuts. I fed Henry paper.


Blog friends will pose for ridiculous Instagram photos without hesitation.  (P.S. She totally bought those.)


Blog friends don’t mind when your dog humps their baby.  True story. I was mortified.  Kim laughed.  Henry laughed.  I booked an obedience lesson.


Moral of this post.  Start blogging.  Seriously.  You will meet so many amazing people and there are a lot of fun opportunities that arise if you work at it. (I have some fun opportunities ahead in the next few months.  Outdoor projects.  Reclaimed barn wood.  Flowers.  Navy paint.  Tile.  I can’t wait!)

I truly believe everyone has a story to tell.  My life is seriously not that exciting but you all keep stopping back.  So I keep writing.  Share yours!

Do you have questions about blogging? Ask them in the comments. I’m an open book.

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Have you met blog buddies?  Do you plan to meet blog buddies?  Are you thinking about blogging?