Project Nursery: Round 1

You know when you write a really long blog post about the start of your kid's nursery and then you hit save and it freezes and loses your entire post even though it's supposed to at least save some as you go?  Yeah, I wouldn't know about that either.  Oh, wait.  So this post will probably have less words (probably better) and more run on sentences (Probably worse. Eh.)

Anywho, we started this nursery this weekend!  My parents were kind enough to come down and help with some DIY projects around the house.  I felt bad that they were painting my nursery Sunday morning while I was making breakfast but I figured homemade biscuits and gravy and growing their first grandchild would be a fair enough trade for them.  (THANK YOU PARENTAL UNITS.)

The room we chose for the nursery is one that hasn't been seen here much on the blog. Mainly because it looked like this.

I wasn't quite ready to commit on wall color yet (commitment issues much) but when you have free labor, you speed up those decisions.  Especially when you're 24 weeks along and then realize that means you only have 16 more weeks to ago.  This pregnancy is flying!

We ended up choosing Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete.  We decided to leave the yellow wall as an accent wall.

I kid on the accent wall.  Nate is building built-ins and there's no use in wasting paint even though the unfinished look is sad.  Nate hopes to have the built-ins done in the next month or so.  If life and work things don't hold him back.

We both were kind of "eh" on grey at first beings it's so popular and sort of boring.  We really wanted a wall color that will grow with our little dude though.  Those baby blues and minty tones are great for a year or two but those years are going to go quickly.  We also wanted to go darker but this room doesn't get a ton of natural light so we didn't want the poor guy playing in a cave.  That's a lot of words on how we landed on this greyish/taupey color.  It was more articulate the first time around.  Eh.

We also had a long debate about installing wood floors in our upstairs.  We both have allergies and carpets are germ vectors.  We have the funds to do it now but we hear babies are expensive so we're going to hold out a bit longer.  The carpet will stick around but I can guarantee you that light fixture will not.

Ike is unsure of what to think of this nursery progress.  (Hence the hallway lounging.)  He was at first offended that his brother gets a room of his very own. I then explained that if he had a room of his own he couldn't sleep with Nate and I. That changed his tune real quick like.  I still don't think he's into the brother thing yet but we're working on it.

Our first nursery addition is this rocking chair that I picked up at the Salvation Army last week.  It's in great condition, comfortable and I loved the plaid. I texted a photo to Nate assuming he'd shoot it down and I'd be on my merry way.  Crazily he really liked it to.  Now I don't know if he liked the $40 price tag compared to the $500 tag of other rockers we were looking at but I'm going with it.  The chair rocks, reclines and is squishy.  We figure that if it doesn't work out when little guy arrives, we can always fork over the funds.  We were both struggling with the idea of paying for those pricey nursery rockers when it may only get a year of use.  My mom used some Old English on the wood and Nate cleaned the upholstery.  Good as new.  Now we just need an ottoman!

There you have it.  Nursery Round 1.  We obviously have a lot more work to do but it feels good to start!