Rainbow Puppy Party

Puppy Birthday Party. Simple ideas for a puppy themed party..png

A big party took place at our home over Labor Day weekend. Someone let our baby turn 1 (rude) and our firstborn turned 4. Time, you cruel beast.

We decided to have a combined party for various boring reasons. (Their birthdays are 3 weeks apart. Most of our family lives out of town, yadda, yadda.)

My biggest first-world-Pinterest-Mom concern was combing a birthday party theme. Luckily my darling angels made it easy on me this year.



Clark wanted a “blue dog from Paw Patrol cake”. That’s it. Oh wait, and rainbow colors. Just that. Nothing else. Oh, and balloons. In rainbow colors. (Side note: Clark doesn’t watch Paw Patrol. He doesn’t know the dog’s name but this was his wish. Kids are adorably strange. And clearly victims of marketing.)

Margo LOVES dogs. She hyperventilates and flaps her arms like a crazy person whenever she sees a dog. We used to think she was getting excited to see us but quickly caught on that it was Ike. “DOG” was also her first word.

Rainbow puppy party it is!


I try to curb my crazy with kid birthday parties but they’re only young once, right? (I mean, I didn’t iron the tablecloth so that means I’m totally not neurotic, right? Or I ran out of time. Whatever.)

I love to use food in my party decorating. You need to feed people. They eat the food. You don’t have extra junk in your house after the party is over. Winning all around. There was no shortage of puppy cake or cupcakes. Puppy chow and “pup-peroni” pizza rounded out the party. (I used this video as a guide for the cake and cupcakes!)


My mother-in-law graciously babysat me while I was decorating the cakes. Margo’s smash cake turned out slightly more Star Wars character than dog. She did scream DOG DOG DOGGGG whenever we’d show her the cake. I considered that good enough.

Clark 4th & Margo 1st Birthday-12.jpg

I made my first balloon arch for the party. It shockingly wasn’t that painful. It took me about 20 minutes to blow up the balloons with a balloon pump and an almost 4 year old (one was more helpful than the other). I’ll link all of the supplies at the end of the post but balloon arch tape is a must. I assembled the arch in about an hour. Hanging was the hardest part of the process. I left that lovely task to Nate and my brother. There will be no words of advice on the hanging subject because I don’t want to know how they ended up doing it.


It was a beautiful day in Iowa so we took the cake smashing outside. This sweet girl ended up with frosting in her belly button. I could eat her up.

Clark 4th & Margo 1st Birthday-366.jpg
Clark 4th & Margo 1st Birthday-474.jpg

Clark has sang himself “Happy Birthday” since age 2. It makes me so happy and brings a tear to my eye every time.

Clark 4th & Margo 1st Birthday-974.jpg
Clark 4th & Margo 1st Birthday-965.jpg
Clark 4th & Margo 1st Birthday-90.jpg

This will also be known as the birthday where Mom matched the tablecloth. You win some, you lose some.

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