How I Make Money Selling Kid's Clothing

How to Make Money Selling Your Kid's Clothing. Earn quick cash for next season's wardrobe!

Let’s chat today about selling all of those kid clothes that are piling up in your home.

I’ll start by sharing that I love kids’ clothing. Tiny people fashion makes me happy. I know they grow out of stuff so fast and some of the clothing can be uber expensive. But it’s so darn cute. Exhibit A.


Today I’ll share with you how I’m making money selling my kids’ used clothing. My husband, the accountant, is going to argue with my title. Something about making money from spending money, yadda, yadda. I wasn’t really listening. I just know that I’ve been funding the next season’s wardrobe with this little secret that I’m going to share with you all today.

My secret?

The Kidizen app. (This post is not sponsored. You can use referral code jmc9x to get $5 for signing up if you’re into further supporting my habit, I mean, decluttering endeavors. You can also check out our Kidizen closet here!)

Kidizen is extremely user friendly. You can list an item and print a shipping label all in the app. They do take a small listing fee but the convenience is 100% worth it to me. I occasionally sell in Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups but it often feels like a giant hassle.

How to List

Listing items (and purchasing!) is super simple. It honestly probably takes about 1-2 minutes to list an item.

Download the app. Set up your “storefront”. I read to choose a name that’s easy to remember for repeat customers. I used a play off our last name, The Shy Bees. (You can also sign up just to shop. No storefront needed.)


Snap a photo of your item. It’s best to take photos in natural light. I also prefer to see a lot of photos when purchasing so I try to include 3-4 photos depending on the item.

Fill out the remaining information. Be honest. Include as much detail as possible. You can include shipping in your cost or list it separate. I’ve found I have better success listing it separate.


Once an item sells, select your shipping cost in the app and print a label.

Package up your item and ship it off to it’s new owner. I ship most of my items in poly mailers like these…

It’s seriously that easy. I estimate that I have sold over $1000 in items over the past 3 years!!!

Tips for Selling

Name brand clothing will have higher resale and will sell faster. Some of my favorite brands that resell well are Jamie Kay, June & January, Prefresh, Zara, Zutano and unique small shop/boutique items. I have actually sold a lot of my Jamie Kay items for the same price I purchased them for. I’m basically renting them. (How do you like that Mr. Accoutant?) Brands like Old Navy, Cat & Jack, Gap often sell better in bundles (unless they’re a super adorable/unique item).

I only sell clothing in really good condition. If it isn’t something that I would buy used, I don’t list it. To keep my kids’ clothing looking great, I’m a big fan of these sleeved bibs for baby and Shout plus Oxiclean for the toddler on up.

I price items at what I would buy them for. If they’ve sat in my “closet” for more than a few weeks, I’ll lower the price to get them out of my house!

I have two dedicated storage containers to separate items that are listed vs need listed.

I generally list Summer clothes in April/May and Fall clothes in August/September. It means hanging onto clothing but the items sell a lot faster. I start listing Christmas items in September or October.

I typically list about 5-10 items per day when I am going through our season stash. You can also re-share items from your “closet” to help keep your listings current.

The Only Con

The only problem I’ve found with Kidizen is not using all of my profits to buy more clothing!

Get to Shopping

Remember to use my Kidizen referral code jmc9x to get $5 for signing up! You can also check out our Kidizen closet here! Let me know if you have any questions! Also let me know if you start up a closet and I’ll follow you! Happy shopping!

The Shy Bees Kidizen code. Get $5 off your first purchase of $10 or more!