Baby Favorites (Baby Shower/Baby Registry)

Now that we have one kid and one on the way, we're basically pros at this parenting thing. Wait. We have no clue what we're doing! (Just like everyone else!)  

Today I'm going to share with you our favorite baby products.  Babies are all different so what worked for us, may not work for you. (Or you may feel like certain products are garbage/not necessary/less safe. That's totally cool. We are all just trying to do what's best for our littles!) This post is for those clueless moms-to-be (like my former self!) that need a place to start or those of you looking for a great baby shower gift!

After living with a little person, I quickly learned babies don't actually need all that much. Especially in those first few months. The majority of baby items are just things that make your life easier. To assemble our registry, I read a lot of blog posts and pieced together the items that kept coming up over and over again.  We created registries at Amazon and Target. The rest arrived via Amazon Prime when I was like "Crap! We really do need that!"

Click on the photos to be taken directly to the products! *affilate links included*


Precious, precious sleep.   

We have the Baby Marley crib. It's been great. Zero complaints. I would totally buy this again (and probably will if we decide to keep Clark in his crib). The set up was easy. It's safe. It's cute. The Angelcare monitor is a total first world purchase but the peace of mind that came with it was worth every penny!  A cool mist humidifier is a good thing to have on hand during the Winter months for those stuffy noses.  Low moisture in a room can actually make a baby's stuffy nose worse. (The things you learn.)

I would register for sleepsacks in multiples of every size!  They come in different patterns and fabric options. Our little guy slept better swaddled and our favorite swaddle, hands down, was the Ollie. It's definitely more money than I wanted to spend on a swaddle but it was the only one that would do the job with our little Houdini. (Our velcro did stop working after like 3 months but they replaced it with no questions asked. Excellent customer service!)

You'll need a crib mattress, matress pad protectors and crib sheets. I'd get 2 mattress pad protectors and 3-4 sheets. Sadly, barf happens!

I hadn't originally planned for Clark to sleep in our room. Babies sleep in cribs, right? I ended up feeling safer with Clark in our room for quite awhile (read up on the new guidelines to be safe!). I borrowed this Arms Reach from a friend and it was fantastic! I think we are actually going to set up the crib in our room this time.  One less transition to make later. 

We have a Nest camera with Clark but we are switching to this Amcrest camera for the new baby. The Nest times out often and isn't my favorite as a baby monitor. (We LOVE the doorbell though!)

I'd suggest a good sound machine. Because sleep is important. The one we have is no longer available but we do have the micro fan and love it. It's crazy how a tiny machine can produce so much noise! I think we'll be getting the Hatch for this baby.

Not pictured but totally needed for sleep are blackout curtains. I don't even care if they are ugly. Get some. You will thank me.


I didn't originally register for a lot of toys but totally should have! They're fun to buy and you'll need them quicker than you realize. All of the following are baby Clark approved! (Esepcially those IKEA men. He's still obsessed with them!)


We chose to go the disposable route but I do have a lot of friends that cloth diaper.  I'd suggest doing research to see what is the best fit for your family!

All diapers have mixed reviews but we've had great luck with the Up & Up brand.  The butt paste is a total must have.  Clark had only one small rash in his almost two years of diaper wearing. (Pharmacist tip: Apply it with every diaper change as prevention during especially poopy times!) 

The diaper genie gets mixed reviews. We received ours as a hand-me-down. No complaints. If it starts to smell, we empty it before it's full. Rocket science.  The wipe warmer is usually laughed about but Clark stopped screaming during diaper changes when we turned it on so we kept with it.  You don't mess with the lack of screaming with a sensitive baby.

Boring but useful registry items...the changing pad and cover. Those cover protectors were serious changing pad cover savers (so much easier to wash!).


Everyone recommended a first aid kit. I've really only used the clippers and comb out of this. The NoseFrida is super disgusting and I always made Nate do it. Gross but extremely effective. it works way better than the suction bulbs. Boogie wipes: buy stock!

Probably a parent specific thing but we use approximately 100 wash cloths in a week. We tried a few different bath soaps but the Burt's Bees won! I also like that's it's a body wash/shampoo in one! Any ol' towel will do but these animal towels are so fun (we have 3...because walruses!).

I don't feel strongly about a lot of baby products but this Angelcare tub is one I rave about it. We still use it at two. It keeps him confined and makes hair washing a breeze. Clark loves these bath pipes but those stacking cups up in the toy section are also a bath favorite.  The bath caddy helps keep your tub clear of the toy mess!

These are my pharmacist approved infant meds! (Check with your pediatrician on the tylenol dosing!) I'd suggest having all of these on hand. You hate to think about your little one getting sick but it's better to be prepared!


Oh, the lawn! I was so happy to put this away but it was quite handy. Along with the bottle brush cleaner (that we still use for sippy cups!). Bottles are very specific. If you breastfeed, I do recommend giving the Munchkin Latch a try!

I'm a firm believer in fed is best! I did breastfeed for a year and these were my go-tos. I'd go with the best breast pump your insurance will cover (especially if you're a working mama!). I'd also buy a second set of pump parts. I finally broke down about 6 months in. Total game changer. Skip the breast pump specific bags and find a big ol' cheap one to do the job!

The standard bib will do at first but I have VERY strong feelings for these sleeved bibs. They are my new shower gift. We have 6. They have saved me from having to fight stains EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Love them. Want them in adult size for my husband. 

We didn't register for big kid food supplies but these are our favorite. 

Love all 3 of these! We're using the Ingenuity seat now as a toddler booster seat. The Ikea high chair had such mixed reviews but it looks so darn pretty. We have zero complaints about it. We did purchase the inflatable insert for his early dining days. It cleans easily and was inexpensive.


We loved the ChicoKeyFit car seat. Easy to install. Easy in and out. We also liked that we only needed to purchase an extra base (verus a second car seat) beings we have two cars. 

We also love the City Mini stroller. We walk almost every day and it's smooth sailing!

If you have a Winter baby, this car seat cover makes traveling a breeze!

Baby wearing was great for our lifestyle. Especially with a baby with colic! Clark pretty much lived in the Solly wrap for the first 3 months of his life. We then graduated to an Ergo. I'm going to try the Tula Free-to-Grow based on recommendations from friends. I like that it can be used right away without an insert!

There are so many great diaper bag options. The above two are the ones we own and love. They are the prefect size and Nate and I both feel comfortable carrying them. We started with a crossbody diaper bag but ended up preferring the backpack for convenience.  If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose the first option. It's larger and has more pockets. It also looks a lot more expensive than it is.  We have the Kanken in Frost Green and it's so pretty. I prefer this bag when we're headed out to run errands or somewhere the bag may get dirty. The diaper bag insert is great if you want to keep your own large purse! I originally thought I'd prefer the "keep my own purse" method but I've found it easier to have a separate diaper bag. This way I can leave it with grandparents, etc and not have to worry about making sure I have everything packed.

I'm generally not a "crazy" parent but I'm pro cart cover, especially in the early days and/or Winter. So. Many. Germs. 

We recently purchased this car storage container and I LOVE IT. It keeps all things baby/toddler corralled.  I have a small selection of toys that are reserved for longer car trips. Our son is only allowed to have these during the longer trips so it keeps them new. I keep this container in our mudroom and toss it in the car while packing.  One less thing to have to worry about when traveling!

We travel fairly often and spending the extra on the 4Moms Breeze (versus a Pack and Play) has been totally worth it. It's set up is so easy! We also have this cheapo monitor for travel and it's worked out great.


The frog chair is totally ugly but Clark LOVED it. (There's a much cuter version out now!) And it allowed me to clean, cook, etc. Beautiful frog. I have fond feelings for this ugly seat.

We ended up receiving two Rock 'n Play and I'm glad we kept both. One for our bedroom and one for the main floor. Clark wasn't a swing fan but loved these. 

This Exersaucer was a hit. And slightly easier on the eyes than others. Slightly.

You can never have enough swaddle blankets (aka burp cloths, blankies, stroller covers, couch protectors, dog blankets). 

We had two of these Covered goods covers. One for the infant seat and one for nursing. Big fan!


File these under totally not necessary but awesome.  

The best things we did ourselves right after Clark was born was buy a Roomba, crawl into a super comfy bed and binge on Netflix shows.

I thought the Roomba was beyond frivolous when Nate originally purchased it but it is now considered a member of our family. It's not that we don't have time to vacuum our floors. It just that I'd rather spend that time doing something else. 

Those Perfect Linen sheets are made of miracles. Seriously the softest sheets I've ever slept in. I originally received them as part of a sponsored post way back in the day and I'm still raving about them!

Also, make yourself some freezer meals! I was constantly thanking pregnant Michelle for her hard work.

Baby Essentials.jpg

Holy cow that seems like a lot of STUFF. But like I said, most of it is just convenience! Enjoy those baby snuggles!