Chicago Weekend

Everyone's favorite question for me lately is "How's the nursery coming?"  The answer is "It's not.  It looks the same as we last left it on the blog."  Why?  BECAUSE WE'RE NEVER HOME.  Last week, however, we did manage to find day care AND a pediatrician.  SO BACK UP OFF US.  The nursery is on the to-do list the next few weekends.  Of which we are mostly home.  Mostly.

The weekend before last we went to Chicago with my parents.  My dad had free Cubs tickets and we're always looking for an excuse to head to the Windy City.

It's been quite rainy in the Midwest the past few weeks.  We were hoping for a magical improvement in weather but we weren't quite so lucky.  The weekend wasn't a complete bust but we definitely had to work around the rain.  We arrived Friday night and it was quite foggy.  And cold.  It was 58 degrees as we arrived at the hotel.  The view from our hotel made up for the ridiculously cold weather.  (We stayed at the Kinzie Hotel in downtown Chicago.  It was quite nice.  We would definitely stay there again.)

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to our one of our favorite breakfast spots, Yolk.

I always get the same thing. I should try something different.  But cinnamon roll French toast.

After breakfast, we started walking part of our 12 miles for the day.  One of our favorite activities is just wandering.  We, obviously, don't get out much.  We hit up Buckingham Fountain and the Cloud Gate.

The Art Institute lions were all decked out in support of the Blackhawks.

We hit up Navy Pier only because that weekend was actually the same weekend that Nate proposed to me on the Ferris wheel 10 years ago.  Memories.  Navy Pier is always annoying. I don't know why it sucks us in so often.  Darn nostalgia.

After a short rest, we headed to Lincoln Park.  It was our first time in the area and it's quite charming. 

Our destination was for food.  Of course.  We had heard rave reviews about Pequod's and we decided to check it out on the way to the game.  Seriously delicious deep dish.  We will head back in the future!

Our last stop for the day was the Cub's game.  My dad and I are quite certain that this is the year the Cub's will win the World Series.  We're also delusional.  Either way we documented our child's first visit with a horribly unflattering photo.

No, I am not holding that stranger's hand.  Why do you ask?

Unfortunately a large storm came through right after the 5th inning.  The radar did not look promising so we decided to head back to the hotel.  (The game resumed at 10:30PM long after we were asleep but CUBS WIN!!!!)

When we arrived back at the hotel we got to observe the World Naked Bike Ride.  Turns out the World Naked Bike Ride is to promote person powered transport and positive body image. There were at least 1000 naked or nearly naked bike riders. You just never know what you'll see.  Or what my mom will take pictures of.  Note to self: do not rent a bicycle in Chicago the day after the World Naked Bike Ride.

Sunday morning we hit up another favorite, Glazed and Infused. (Which was conveniently located 2 blocks from our hotel.) These donuts are seriously the best.  It's horribly sad (but probably best) that we do not have a location closer to us.  Those Maple Bacon Long Johns are basically what dreams are made of.  The White Chocolate Praline wasn't horrible either.

Our last stop before heading back home was to IKEA.  It was my parents first trip.  They were quite excited.  We picked up a few things for the nursery and a few other random things that fall in the cart when you walk in the door.  You know how it goes.

We then picked up the Ike man from his grandparents' house.  He clearly had an exhausting weekend too.

This was a pretty quick trip.  If you're looking for more Chicago stops, check out this post here!