Friday Favorites {Travel Edition}

Happy Friday!  Who's pumped for the weekend?  I have a busy Saturday but I'm looking forward to doing a little crafting, reading and quilting on Sunday.  Or napping.  Napping is always good.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to head to Atlanta to spend some time at The Home Depot headquarters.  It was a quick trip.  I left at 7pm (after a 2 hour flighty delay) on Tuesday night and was back home by 10:30 yesterday morning.  I was able to meet the other DIY Influencers who will be hosting DIY and DIH Workshops in 2015. It's always fun meeting other bloggers.  It's also scary.  I'm a total introvert and this is way beyond my normal comfort level.  I fake it the best I can.  Luckily this entire group is fantastic and I had a fabulous time.  I'm glad I didn't chicken out.

The Home Depot and MSLGROUP treated us like royalty.  We were fed way too much delicious food.  We learned a lot about The Home Depot and the history of the workshops.  We also got to try out new products from The Home Depot partners like Rustoleum, PLAID and 3M.  Like brand new as in some of it hasn't even hit stores yet.  Crazy.  Did you know The Home Depot is getting a craft section?  Super pumped about that one.

I was mainly there for the donuts.  (Sublime for you Atlanta folks. Soooo good.)  I totally stole a letter before everyone else decided they wanted a fancy photo shoot.  This is why blogger social situations are hard for me.

I was the lucky winner of this set of RYOBI tools.  I'm going to write my name all over them so Nate doesn't steal them.  Or I could put him to work with them.  That sounds like a better idea.  Winning this makes up for the fact that TSA confiscated by RYOBI drill bits.  Lame.  I mean, really, what am I going to do with drill bits and no drill?

Wednesday evening we enjoyed an amazing meal at Canoe which is located right along the Chattahoochee River. Fancy.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 85 degree weather.  Everyone else was ready to head inside while I was like "Let's dine by the river!"  My blinding white legs were enjoying seeing the sun again after 7 months of hiding.

So some of you may be asking how one gets opportunities like this.  That is honestly a fantastic question.  When I figure out the answer to that, I will get back to you.  I think most of it is luck with a side of luck.  Probably mixed in with some luck. We have previously worked with The Home Depot (Nate hosted a DIY workshop last year and I hosted a DIH workshop).  We must have done okay beings they invited us back for the entire year. We're super excited for the workshops ahead. 

Don't forget to join us on Saturday.  Register here!

I thought I'd share a few travel favorites since we're talking about travel and we're heading into Summer vacation season.  (Nate and I have a trip coming up soon!  If we survive tax season!  So close!)

Traveling alone allowed me lots of time with my Kindle. I received the Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday. I have had the original Kindle for years and wasn't sure if I needed an upgrade. I'd say it's totally worth it. It's smaller, lighter and the interface is much nicer. I was concerned if it would be hard on my eyes but I haven't noticed any difference from the original. I have this cover. I finished up The Girl on the Train. This book has been compared to Gone Girl. I didn't think it was quite as good but totally worth reading!

I'm a sucker for totes and travel luggage.  I didn't check a bag for this one day trip.  My Madewell Transport tote and Everlane Twill Weekender worked out perfectly!  I'm a big fan of both of these bags.  I got the Madewell tote for my birthday (It's like birthday show and tell today.  Sorry.).  I have had the camel version for a couple of years and fell in love with the grey! This tote wears so well and is the perfect size. I've had the Everlane Weekend for over a year and it has gotten a lot of use and looks just as good as when I bought it!

Big weekend plans?  Any favorite travel products?  Who's attending a workshop on Saturday?