New Office Chair + Death of Old Chair

Man. Long time. No blog.

It's either because our lives have been so crazy busy awesome or so ridiculously boring that there was 100% nothing to write about.  I'll let you guess.

I do have a few posts planned for this week. Whoa.

I was cleaning the office the other day and realized that I haven't blogged about our new office chair. And the death of our old office chair. Normally office chair stories are probably boring.  But then there is my office chair story.

We purchased the Celia Metal Swivel Chair from World Market just before Thanksgiving.  This chair met the requirements from both Nate and I.  I wanted something industrial looking but not so much office chair looking.  Nate wanted something comfortable and inexpensive.

After months of looking, we found the Celia chair and she has been a perfect fit.  The chair is sturdy, comfy and looks cute.  All important qualities in an office chair.  Am I right?

The need for a new office chair arose after a very tragic accident with our old chair.  Long, long ago in the far off year of 2011, I refinished this old chair for the office. 

Refinish a chair

Nate always hated this chair.  Something about it not being very solid.  I thought it was cute.  Nate is clearly a better judge of character than I am because it turns out that this chair was evil.  It slowly began to lose parts and it became even more wobbly.  I kept hanging on.  (Mainly because I don't like to be wrong.)  One day I was surfing the web while rocking back and forth in the chair.  (Yes, I have an advanced degree.  Why do you ask?) The chair completely buckled underneath me.  I screamed.  Nate and Ike came running.  I was too afraid to move because I was pretty sure I had broke something.  Nate helped dig me out of the chair wreckage and we determined that I would, in fact, live.  My rear end was ridiculously sore.  I assumed I would have a small bruise the next day. 

An hour later, I stepped out of the shower and caught a glimpse of my bum in the mirror.  My entire right butt cheek was covered in every shade of purple and blue imaginable. Like I'm talking ENTIRE butt cheek.  I was then immediately concerned that I was going to die of a butt hematoma and that is no way to go.  (This is the problem with having just enough medical knowledge to be dangerous.  Also, spoiler: I lived.)

The next week was an interesting one.  Getting in and out of the car proved to be interesting.  I had a full body skin exam at the dermatologist.  That was a fun one to explain.   Luckily this was before the whole 50 Shades of Grey madness.

Anywho, new chair.

I need to do some styling work on the shelves still but this room is slowly but surely coming together.  If only Nate would get rid of his office electronics.  Oh wait.  This is real life.  I forgot.

The other side of the room is a little boring.  I'm looking for another print similar to Mona.  We're also wanting to do something different with the fireplace. Maybe some molding similar to our living room.

The view of our vintage trunk, DIY card catalog, industrial shelves ,new couch and curtains and wall color is still one of my favorites.

In conclusion, office chairs can be dangerous. It's very important to have a trustworthy chair.