Fall In Love Room Makeover Announcement

Man.  Where do the weekends go?  Nate and I are brilliant and decided to host a party this coming Saturday.  Our living room still isn't done.  Our house is a disaster. Well, the weekend got us closer to less of a disaster.  We got this.  I swear I'll have a reveal next week because it has to be done!  (There are some sneak peeks on our Instagram feed.)

Speaking of finishing rooms.  I'm a sucker and agreed to party with some of my favorite blog buddies.  We're making over a room by November 3rd.  Beings we've been working on our living room since June, this should be good. 

Fall in Love

But look at those pretty faces.  (If only you could see most of their dance moves.) I just couldn't say no. 

Let's get this show on the road.

I'm sort of going to cheat and work on our laundry room.  Don't judge.  I had seriously considered the living room because November 3rd isn't that far away.

I'm trying to be realistic in terms of budget and energy level.  I don't mind the laundry room now, I just think it needs to evolve to my current style.  I'm not doing anything too crazy in here.  Just a little sprucing up.

The wall color (Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue) and washboard collection will stay.  I'm ready to say goodbye to the floral faux roman shade.  I have no clue what fabric I will replace it with but I'm sure it will be awesome.  Because it has to be.

I would LOVE a pedestal base for under that washer and dryer.  My old lady back is rooting for this one.  Maybe it will be my first build?  I'd also like a shelf across the top.  Which will require us to raise that little wall that houses some kind of important electrical or something.  I wasn't really paying attention when Nate answered that question of mine.

I'm also going to replace the colored striped fabric that hides our junk.  I should probably clean that out while I'm at it.   But I only have six weeks so that's probably not going to happen.

I think I'll also replace the red shelves with stained ones to coordinate with the washboards.  I'm also thinking some art on the wall by the shelves.  Maybe a painted sign?

If we get really crazy, we just might add a sink.  Whoa. Or a built-in drying rack.  We only have six weeks.  Let's not get to crazy.  Crazy would be replacing that tile but I'm pretty sure Nate is wanting to divorce me just reading that thought.  I like him so maybe we'll hold off on the tile?  Maybe a rug to cover half of it instead?

Someone could just invent clothing that doesn't need to be washed and I'd scrap this project in a heart beat.

Until then, I'll be posting updates along the way!

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