Special Photo Sale for a Friend

Occasionally I like to use this blog for good.  For something other than home show and tell.  But just occasionally.  Let's not get crazy now.

A good friend of mine is adopting and I'd like to help her out.  Christy was my roommate for a year during pharmacy school.  The fact that she didn't murder me is enough for me to do whatever I can to help her in her journey.  What? It's not that I had concerns about her being a serial killer.  It's just that I'm not easy to live with.  Ask Nate.  Or Ike.  Don't get Ike started.

Christy has started a blog, Adopting Baby Bonfig, to document their adoption journey.  She explains their decision to adopt here in much more eloquent terms than I could even begin to.

On September 20, their parents are hosting a raffle with all proceeds going towards their adoption.  Did you know adoptions cost close to $30,000?  Crazy.  The beauty is that you don't need to be local to enter for some great prizes.  They will ship!

Click here to check out Christy's post for full details on how to participate.

Nate and I donated this set of 4 canvases from Tiny Prints using photos from our Photo Shop. These canvases are great and I need to order a set for our house stat!  We're big fans of the photo quality of these canvases.

Tiny Prints Canvases

We'd also like to donate all sales from Decor and the Dog Photo for the next week to the Bonfig's adoption journey.  If you've been pondering a purchase, what better time than now!  I mean, you could make your own set of canvases. They make for an easy, peasy display or gallery wall!

Good luck to those who enter the raffle!

I'll be back on Friday with my normal narcissistic blog posts.  Don't you worry.