Business Cards for Important People

Remember that time I went to the Haven blog conference like a month ago?  I still laugh when I realize that I went and hung out with people from the internet.  It makes me sad for myself and happy all at the same time.

Before I left, I had heard that a good blogger needed to bring business cards. 

Business cards?  For a blog.  What was I getting into?

I sometimes try to follow the rules so I ordered some about 2 weeks before the conference.  The good bloggers had their cards ordered and blogged about by then.  I was lucky to get them in time. Luckily Tiny Prints came through for me.  I whipped up these cards in approximately 5 minutes and I love them.

Look how professional Ike and I look.  Well, as professional as a blogger and her dog look.  They were seriously super easy to design.  Which is perfect for a procrastinator like myself. 

Tiny Print Blogger Business Cards

Although I handed out approximately 8 cards, they were still nice to have.  And Ike and I got a decent shot of the two of us.

We also got some gems.

MIchelle Headshot-44.jpg

***Thanks to Tiny Prints for supplying our business cards (no additional compensation provided).  Thank you for supporting the great companies that partner with Decor and the Dog.***