Little Brother's Master Bath

Did you survive the weekend?  We had a fabulous two days filled with projects, thrifting, bathroom planning, and a Frozen birthday party!  Action packed.  (Check out my Instagram feed for photos!)  Ike is still recovering.

Decor and the Dog- Ike

Part of our weekend adventures included helping my brother pick out items for his master bathroom.  Now that sentence makes it seem like that was an easy process.  It was not.  Decisions are so very hard.  I truly didn't know that you could go to three home improvement stores, stare at toilets and still have trouble making a decision.  IT'S A TOILET.

Brother had mentioned wanting to work on his bathroom awhile ago.  I'm not sure why.  It's lovely.

Brother's Master Bath | Decor and the Dog

If crusty mint tiles that are falling off the walls and worn linoleum that is coming up off the floor is your thing.  (We're aware of the movement to save these types of bathrooms.  There is no saving this bathroom.  The previous owners "updated" part of the space and it's beyond repair.)

Brother's Master Bath | Decor and the Dog

We've both been big fans of this vanity situation.  Please note the green painter's tape that has been on the wall since he first painted this room back in 2012. Classy stuff going on in this bathroom.  

Brother's Master Bath | Decor and the Dog

Do you think he should keep the weird dual faucet situation?  Yeah, me too.

Brother's Master Bath | Decor and the Dog

Overall, Nate and I have enjoyed playing project manager on this project.  We've only had a few cases where we haven't seen eye to eye.  For instance, brother doesn't use these two weird drawer things under the window yet he was having a hard time parting with them.  Makes sense.  We talked through things.  Nate and I think the extra square feet (although not super useful) will help open up the bathroom.  Brother agreed after he got over the fear of finding something hidden behind the drawers.  He's just lucky he has the best two project managers in the world.  Right, brother?  

Brother's Master Bath | Decor and the Dog

There are big plans for this space that are happening soon.  My brother actually has excellent taste.  (Check out his previous bathroom and kitchen remodels!)  He has a similar style to Nate and I (hence the excellent) which makes helping him out pretty easy.  I scour the web and find options.  Nate and my brother pick out the things they like.  We're quite the team when we aren't sucker punching one another or making fun of the other's clothing.  (Gladiator sandals aren't "Jesus" sandals.  Red paint spots that look like blood on shorts from 10 years ago are not in style.)

Here's the plan...

Brother's Master Bath | Decor and the Dog

1. Tile Shop Noir Hex:  This lovely hex tile will be installed on the floor.  Brother really likes the white hex tile in his other bathroom.  He doesn't love that it's hard to keep clean.  He went with this dark hex and a charcoal grout.

2. DIY Vanity: Nate is currently building him this vanity.  (Tutorial to come!) Our inspiration vanity cost about $1000.  This should ring in under $100.

3. Ebay Faucet Deal:  Ashley pointed me in the direction of this Ebay dealer.  Sink and faucet for $139.  Yes, please.  The sink hasn't arrived yet (because my brother is the biggest procrastinator in all of the land) but we'll keep you posted.  Ashley's arrived quickly and she was super happy with the quality!

4.  Farmhouse vanity light:  Vanity lights with a little quirk that aren't super expensive or homely are hard to find in this great land that we call Iowa.  We did find this dude at Home Depot in the outdoor lighting area.  Can't beat the price!

5.  Tilt Mirror:  We love the clean lines (and price!) of these tilt mirrors.  It's very similar to the ones we put in our master bathroom.

It will be interesting to see our plans come to life.  I wonder if Brother can pick out a toilet before the end of 2014?  Only time will tell.