Maui Part One: Road to Hana

Aloha again! Beings Nate and I spent the last week and a half exploring Maui, we have zero projects to share.  But who doesn't want to see other people's vacation photos? I personally love vacation photos. 

Nate and I explored almost the entire island of Maui.  We passed on a couple of stretches of road that would void our rental car agreement.  Pansies.

One of our days was spent traveling the Road to Hana. The drive is popular in Maui because there is so much to see and do. The trip is only about 50 miles but it's on a narrow two lane road with lots of one lane bridges.  I almost forgot the estimated 600 turns in the road.  The reviews made us think this road was sketchy and that I would be barfing my motion-sick little brains out.  I popped a Bonine and we hit the road with Nate behind the wheel.  

Road to Hana

Nate actually didn't mind the drive and I never had to freak out (or barf) as the passenger.  We actually both really enjoyed this trip.  We used an app called Gypsy Guide Maui to guide us on our adventure.  We highly recommend it.  (It also covers areas on other parts of the island.) 

The drive is to be more about the experiences along the way than the actual destination.  As in there is nothing in Hana but there are awesome things like eucalyptus trees right as you start your journey.

Road to Hana- Eucalyptus trees
Road to Hana- Eucalyptus Tree

There are a ton of waterfalls along the way.  Nate and I both swam at the falls at the Pua'a Ka'a State Park.  I swam on the way to Hana.  Nate swam on the way back.  It was raining both times we stopped so we were the only ones at these falls which was a stellar deal.  P.S.  That water was freezing. 

Road to Hana- Pua'a Ka'a State Park

We read to start the journey early.  We started on the Road to Hana at 7am (it was an hour from our condo).  There were very few cars at this time.  We decided to stop a few waterfalls here and there to enjoy them without a lot of other people around.  One of our favorite waterfall stops was right after Hana (I have zero Hana pictures because there truly wasn't much there) was the Wailua Falls.

Road to Hana- Wailua Falls

Nate and I were actually most looking forward to hiking the Pipiwai trail in the Ohe'o Gulch area.  The trail was 2 miles to an amazing waterfall.

Road to Hana- Pipiwai Trail

The trail was very interesting.  You started by hiking through a little mud in the rain forest. 

Road to Hana- Pipiwai Trail

There were a few baby waterfalls along the way.

Road to Hana- Pipiwai Trail

There is a large banyan tree about half way on the trail.  These trees are so cool.  I'll post photos of another larger one in my next post.

Road to Hana- Banyan Tree
Road to Hana- Banyan Tree on Pipiwai Trail

We then passed through the seven levels of the bamboo forest.

Road to Hana- Bamboo Forest

The walk through this bamboo forest was seriously one of my favorite things in Maui.  It was truly magical.  I loved when the wind would blow and the bamboo would bang up against one anther.  Nature's wind chime!

Road to Hana- Bamboo
Road to Hana- Bamboo Forest

We passed through the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops and then we walked to the 400 foot Waimoku Falls.  We weren't allowed to go close (danger, schmanger) but it was still awesome from afar.  Definitely worth the jaunt.

Road to Hana- Waimoku Falls

After the hike back, we ate a picnic lunch and then headed to the Ohe'o Gulch.  The Ohe'o Gulch is also known as the Seven Sacred Pools.  There are more than seven pools and it's not sacred.  Awesome.  This area was a bit of a disappointment.  The pools are sometimes open for swimming.  They were closed the day we went.  Womp. Womp.  Safety, schmafety.   Still, obviously, pretty.

Road to Hana- Oheo Gulch

We then headed back to our condo in Ka'aanapali.  We made a quick stop at the Venus pool.  There were a bunch of braver (or more chemically altered) souls than us jumping into the beautiful pool.  I wish there was a photo of me with that balloon but I'm afraid of heights and only believe in legal drugs.

Road to Hana- Venus Pool

We made a stop at the Wai'anapanapa Park to check out the black sand beach.  This beach was incredible.  The sand was like tiny little black pebbles.

Road to Hana- Black Sand Beach
Road to Hana- Black Sand Beach

Nate and I also cemented the fact that we've been married too long.  The couple that wears matching water shoes together, stays together.

Road to Hana- Black Sand Beach

We made it back to Paia a little after 6pm where we ate some delicious seafood at the Paia Fish Market.  We got back to our condo around 8pm.  A seriously long and amazing day!  I'll share the rest of our adventures on Friday!

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