New Office Art

I was wandering aimlessly through Hobby Lobby a few weeks back and I stumbled across this metal/wood map of the world. I was very drawn to it.  You know how inanimate objects sometimes speak to you? This one was yelling at me.  

(Excuse my crap pictures. I've clearly mastered our new camera.)

New Office Art | Decor and the Dog

I texted a photo to Nate.  He instantly approved.  Whoa.  Weird things were happening. This thing must be meant to live in our home.  

I did second guess myself at one point. I mean it's not a DIY project.  What kind of DIY blogger buys something pre-made from Hobby Lobby?  The kind that struggles learning cameras!  It was also on sale. I'm a sucker for a bargain!

I skipped through the store with it and slapped it up on the wall.

New Office Art | Decor and the Dog

After I got Ike's approval, of course.

New Office Art | Decor and the Dog

The way he sits on that couch kills me.  He's still adjusting.  I don't think he's super happy with our couch purchase but he's getting there.

This room is seriously a never ending project.  I keep waiting to find the right pieces.

I'm looking for a chair for the left corner below.  There will be shelves above this chair holding an awesome vintage collection. There will be a super cool DIY build in the right corner.  If only time grew on trees.  (That's the saying, right?)

New Office Art | Decor and the Dog

Oh, and Mona.  Mona is totally living in this house somewhere.

Find anything good at the craft store lately?  Any chair recommendations?