New Mohawk Rug + A Giveaway

Hello. My name is Michelle and I'm a rugaholic.  Or I'm indecisive.  Or I'm just trying to find my style.

We last left off with a blue Ikat rug in our living room. After some recent changes in the house, the rug didn't flow as well with the rest of the first floor.  The rug was pretty but it didn't seem like us.  You know how you see a pretty dress but it would totally never fit your body.  That was our old rug.  Pretty but not a super fit.  It was also one of those rugs that shed a lot.  It was time for a change.  Because I have a problem. 

I began searching for a new rug.  I found Mohawk's Morocco Rug on Target's website.  I contacted Mohawk to see if they'd send me the rug for review.  The thing about this review is that I would have bought the rug even if they had said "Go away silly blogger" so there's that.  Mohawk is also kind enough to supply  5x8 rug as a giveaway for you all.  Thanks, kind Mohawk!

Mohawk Morocco Rug + Giveaway | Decor and the Dog

My rug search began by falling in love with Beni Ourain rugs.  I quickly realized that I would need to take on a second pharmacist job and sell my kidney along with Nate and Ike's to own one.  Nate and Ike weren't on board with the kidney thing and I can totally only handle selling drugs for 32 hours per week.  

I did some searching for knock-offs but didn't find anything that spoke to me.  I gave up on Beni and continued my search.  About a week later I found the Mohawk Morocco rug and knew it was the perfect fit.  Beni Ourain-esque without the cost (even if paid for it.  Ahem.)

This rug isn't as plush as our old one but this is actually a good thing.  It works well on top of the carpet and doesn't shed.  Bonus!

The colors of the rug are ivory and chocolate brown.  Both of which work well with the flow of our first floor. 

Mohawk Morocco Rug + Giveaway 2.jpg

I know a lot of people need COLOR, COLOR, COLOR but this rug currently feels like a better fit for the three of us.  I mean, Ike's vote totally counts.  And don't worry, my brother already told me he liked the other one better.  (We're very open with one another.)  

We have some big plans for this space.  We just need tax season to end.  Which I'm not sure will ever happen.  Taxes FOREVER.  (I'm yelling a lot today.  Sorry.)

We are for sure going to start the built-ins this summer.  Which is why I have chosen to ignore the mantel and throw stuff on the ladder shelves.  The scrolly thing makes me embarrassed for my mantel's soul.

Don't tell Nate but I may be close to convincing him to help me paint our two story living room.  He may have also just been humoring me.  There's a good chance of that. I've hated the color since the first stroke of paint. It's okay during certain lights but it's this gross flesh color during others.  

We discussed making the wall with the windows full of molding and painted white.   We are both leaning towards a greige for the walls.  Again, I'm probably dreaming big on this one.  After tax season Nate will probably return to his senses.  

We both agree that the room needs more of that industrial farmhouse vibe that we have going on with the rest of the house.  The Mohawk Morocco rug is a good start!

Now it’s your turn to enter to win your own new 5×8 Mohawk area rug valued at $150 or under of your choice! 

Check out all the different styles of Mohawk area rugs at Enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below:

You can find more great flooring styles by following Mohawk Flooring on PinterestGoogle+, and Houzz.

Are you a rugaholic?  Any fellow neutral fans?  Who has a great color for a two story room?