Life According to Instagram

Happy Friday!  Friday is always a good day but a long day. Followed by two glorious days off.  Let's focus on that.

Let's not focus on all of this stupid snow and ridiculously cold weather we're getting.  It's pretty much miserable here in Iowa.  Anytime you ask someone how they are doing the answer is usually "Surviving."  "Trying to stay warm."  I mentioned on Saturday that we shouldn't even bother that poor groundhog because I could tell you what his answer would be.  I had your back, Phil.


To make Winter more tolerable I ordered some new boots.  I've been drooling over Hunter boots but have been to cheap to spend the cash.  I decided to see if the rumors of youth boots fitting adults with small feet.  Turns out it's true.   And they are half the price. I usually wear a women's size 7.  I ordered a youth size 5.  They fit like a glove.  Er, boot.  They are slightly shorter than the women's boots but work well for my short self.

They definitely aren't warm enough for the current below zero temps.  Hunter boot socks are $30-40.  I ordered this pair from Target and they work perfectly!  Look at that money savings.  My accountant husband thinks my math is flawed.

Hunter Boots Youth for Adult.jpg

Ike is mad at Winter too.  The poor thing hasn't been able to go for a walk because it's seriously not safe for a poor puppy with little fur to spend more than a few minutes outside.  He's trying to stay busy by practicing yoga, sunbathing in the closet and being my crochet assistant.

Ike  Decor and the Dog.jpg

I'm training to become the next Iron Chef.  I'm actually turning into a decent cook.  I'm also doing very well at eating little processed food during the week.  The weekends on the other hand.  They call for Whitey's.  I wish you all had a Whitey's near you because it's the most magically tasting ice cream in all of the land. 


Nate and I are now going on dates on Saturday nights.  I used to make fun of married people "dating".  And now I'm one of them.  Nate is working extra long hours.  We spend approximately 10 minutes together each day during the week.  If we're lucky.  We've decided to spend Saturday nights unplugged (at least for a few hours) and catching up.  Ike is fine if I date Nate on Saturday night but Sunday is Ike's day.  He doesn't leave his side.  


Lastly, local readers mark your calendars!  I'm helping host a Pinterest party at the Michael's in Davenport on February 16th from 1-4pm.  This is kind of a big deal for introvert Michelle.  My hermit self was super close to turning down the offer.  I hope you can come experience me being socially awkward in person!  More info on Monday!


Got any big weekend plans?  Anyone living in warm climate have a guest room Ike and I can borrow for a few months?  Be careful what you offer up. ;)