Happy 7th Birthday, Ike!

Today's a big day!  Ike turns 7.  

One day you're bringing home the world's cutest puppy.

ike 026edit.jpg
ike 157.jpg

The next thing you know, he's 7. And then you start sobbing because you can't imagine life without this tennis ball loving mess of a dog.

ike and his ball.jpg

I know everyone thinks they have the best dog but this guy truly is.

A Wire Fox Terrier won best in show last week.  The owner said that the breed is bred to "look for trouble".  That sentence describes Ike perfectly.  He's fiesty.  He's spunky.  But he's also the sweetest dog in the world.

The thing I find the most interesting about Ike is that he loves Nate and I equally.  Most dogs I know have a favorite.  We're both his favorite.  Unfortunately I think tennis ball trumps us both but you can't win them all. 

What does a special dog get on his 7th birthday?  A cake, of course. 

ike is 7.jpg

A cake I made from scratch. Eaten at the human table. Yeah, it's probably about time Nate and I think about human spawn because this is seriously ridiculous.

And awesome. 

ike turns 7.jpg

Peanut butter tongue.  The sign of good cake. (I made the cake using this recipe.)

Happy birthday little buddy!