Office Planning

Today let's discuss our neglected office.


I think the last time I posted any progress in this room was in 2012. It's crazy how fast time goes!

I've decided to get to work on this room.  Okay, I've started thinking about this room.  One minute I decide I really need to think about things before diving in and then two years later I've done nothing.   I've decided now is the time.  I think.  It's really cold and my couch/blanket/dog are really warm.  Maybe I'll need to bust out the snuggie while painting.

This room is currently a catch all for the stuff we're too lazy to deal with.  I mainly dump stuff in here because the room isn't pretty so I don't really care.  Nate does it because he's a boy.  Ike leaves all of his toys in here and then gets mad when we shut the door.  I digress.

Here's the plan.  For this minute.  It's subject to change.  The walls are going to be painted.  I'm leaning towards Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray.  It's a dark browny gray.  (That's a thing.)

I purchased these curtains during a recent sale.  (The ones pictured above were way too ivory.  These are more of a greige.)  I hope I don't hate them when I hang them.  I struggle with purchasing items from the interwebs.

I think I'm going for this kind of look.  I think.  (I really just pretend like I know what I'm doing.)  So I think the curtains will work swimmingly.

I think it's time that we get a new couch.  This one has been with me since the early part of pharmacy school. It's pretty gross.


Nate and I are both really liking this one but in a camel colored leather.  It's surprisingly comfy!  It's like the one couch out of 1000 that we have looked at in our area that we actually like.  I now know why most people in the Midwest have big, puffy couches.  BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE.  

Sorry the for the caps.  Couch shopping stressed me out.

We also have plans for a furniture build in here.  Let's keep that a secret.  It's no fun giving away the whole room, right?  But don't hold your breath waiting for this secret though.  It's tax season and Nate's a zombie.  I am going to help build this one but I'm not allowed near power tools while unattended.  (True story.)

I'm hoping to get started painting this weekend but I do have a big Pinterest party to host and Downton Abbey to catch up on.  Priorities.

What are your thoughts on my sad little office?