2014 Holiday Home Tour- Kitchen/Dining Room

Let's continue the holiday home tour in the kitchen.  (Catch our living room tour here!)

I try to keep things simple in here because our kitchen gets a work out this time of year.  Well, usually.  I haven't had a chance to bake yet this year.  Hopefully next week!  (Or maybe New Year's cookies?)

I always have a poinsettia in our kitchen. Where it sheds it's leaves all over my counters.  Memories.

I added some wreaths with red bows to our patio doors. They're crooked because I kept fighting with the dumb suction cup thingys and then I just quit.  How's that for real life?  This was one of those ideas that seemed easier in my head. Like most of life.  That lemon cypress on the table, however, makes me happy because it smells so sticking good!

You may remember our Christmas Tree sign from Monday.  It's only fallen into our food 14 times since then.  Memories.

A vintage tree and our trusty Santa cookie jar keep the mixer company.

I couldn't pass up this plaid thermos to hang out with our precious coffee pot.I should probably make the coffee pot a stocking. He's basically a member of the family these days.

Next up is the dining room.  We didn't change up a lot from last year. (Which is surprising with my decorating ADHD issues.) I did add some candy cane striped ornaments (from years past) to the tree.

We had some extra garland from the mantel that we draped over the antiques sign.  I feel like this makes me a grown up. I'm not sure why. I just feel very grown up with real garland hanging in my dining room.

I picked up this little tree on a recent IKEA trip and I shoved him in a vintage oil can.  Centerpiece complete.

The view from the kitchen into the dining room is one of my favorites. I often sip my tea while gazing into the dining room.  My peaceful tea sipping is always interrupted by Ike barking at the poodle across the street.  Dogs.

Every year I decide that I just want to leave my holiday decor up all year long. I think this just might be the year!  It won't be weird in July, right?