Christmas Traditions Blog Tour/Annual Card Photo

Happy Tuesday!  Who's ready for a fun holiday blog hop!  Rachel from Like a Saturday put together a holiday traditions blog hop.  25 lovely bloggers will be sharing their favorite traditions.  I've already acquired a few ideas for the future and it's only the second day!  {If you're stopping by from Life. Love. Larson., welcome!}

So what's my favorite tradition?  I had to think hard.  I'm not much of a traditions person.  My constant need for change hinders carrying things on for years and years.  I only have a couple of ornaments.  We don't really DO anything like hunt for a tree or make snow angels every year on December 13th.  We do put up a tree every year but I can write approximately two sentences about that.  "Each year we put up our 12 foot Christmas tree.  We then yell a lot as we string the lights and stab ourselves with ornament hooks."

Wait, that could actually be a good blog post.  Or vlog.  Next year.

I thought hard.  I have to have some sort of tradition, right? And then it hit me. The annual Christmas card photo. I cherish these photos because Nate and I don't take a ton of pictures of the two of us.  It's fun to watch us grow old each year.  (Wait.  That's not fun.) I'm also a big fan of Christmas cards. I love sending them and receiving them.  It's a tradition I always make time for and I hope it never dies.

My favorite part of this tradition is the outtakes.  I'm a sucker for horrible photos. I don't know what it is.  The photos that turn out "good" are great to have but the silly stuff just makes me so darn happy. 

Like a squishy faced Ike.

It's quite the challenge to get your curious Wire Fox Terrier to look directly at the camera.  We took these photos using a tripod and had no one to capture the dog's attention. It shows.

But Ike does look stellar in a bow tie.

If Ike isn't "ruining" the photos, you can always count on one of us.

I was trying to grab a rock to throw to distract Ike.  I love this photo because of the look on Ike's face.  He gives me that "what the heck are you doing?" face quite often.  I love that it's captured on camera and at least my butt is towards the building.

Nate also captured one of my favorite photos of Ike and I. 

We're quite the pair. 

I'm usually early on the Christmas card train but December snuck up on me this year.  I have plans for this year's card.  I'll hopefully share the final product (and some decent photos) in the next few weeks.  You know, before Christmas.

Next stop on the blog tour is Glamourous, Affordable Life!  Be sure to check out all of the wonderful ideas throughout the week!

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What's your favorite holiday tradition?