Back At It

Hi, everybody!  Long time, no blog!

How were your holidays?  Nate, Ike and I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year's Eve.

We were able to enjoy time with both of our families.  There was a shortage of gifts at each location.  Can anyone guess what my dad (on the right) got?  We so tricky. 

Christmas gifts 2013.jpg

Ike loves opening gifts.  He loves to help each person open until he realizes that the gift is not a dog bone or dog toy.

ike and christmas.jpg

Speaking of Ike, he was looking quite fashionable during the holidays.  On Christmas he sported a red plaid jacket and his Charlie Be Good tie.

Dapper Ike.jpg

We went for a snowy hike on New Year's day and he threw on a scarf.  Because it was chilly.  He's always prepared.


This is turning into one of those crazy animal blogs, isn't it?  Someone call an intervention once Ike starts writing the posts. I feel like we're just steps away from that happening.  Seriously. Intervention.  I need to put someone in charge.


Speaking of being in charge, Nate and I spent a good chunk of time unplugged this past week.  I felt like the internet was controlling my me.  I have control issues.  So I kicked the interwebs to the curb.  (Except for Instagram.  Instagram is basically like electricity.  A necessity.)  We completed a puzzle.  We watched movies.  We took walks in the snow.  I became obsessed with crochet (more on that later).

Blogland is sucking me back in but I'm back to being in charge.  Look out.  We'll be back next week with quick recap of 2013 and new goals and projects for ol' 2014.

How were your holidays?  Let's get all first world and tell us about your favorite gift (given or received).

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