Thrifting Finds

Nate and I are on a mission to find eight old chairs that we can redo for our new dining room table that Nate is building.  Our mission appears to be an impossible one.  Well, impossible for people with little patience. 

On Saturday we set out on a thrifting adventure.  No chairs came home with us but I found some awesome things at great prices.  I had previously been striking out so it felt good to finally be able to bring some cheap junk home with me.  

I found a beautiful crochet blanket that is perfect for the upcoming cool weather. It was only $8 and in perfect shape.  I kind of felt like I should pay someone more for it. I mean, someone spent a decent amount of time making this thing.  I'm a weirdo. 


Unfortunately my new blanket has been claimed by another member of our household.  I don't really want to mess with him or his fox. 


There has always been a blanket on the couch and he hasn't ever really cared.  He's constantly stealing this one.

If you've been reading for awhile, you may know of my Pyrex addiction.  I was going to seek help but my Pyrex addiction only slightly interferes with my daily activities.  Every time we'd see a piece of Pyrex, Nate was all like "Nope. No. Seriously. No.  Step away.  Moving on."  And then I found this piece for $3.  He had no longer had a say in the matter.   


I've been on a baking spree lately.  Muffins, cupcakes, cookies.  All of it.  Must bake.  I'm super pumped to try some recipes out of this cookbook.  I have another Better Homes and Gardens Pie book which I love.  I figured adding cakes couldn't hurt.  Nate was very pro this purchase. 


I bought a suitcase.  For my next trip.  Or DIY project.  Whichever comes first. 


Ike appears to be stealing this purchase too. 

I have a soft spot for ceramic Christmas trees but they are usually too pricey.  This guy was $10 and he now has a loving new home.  Nate thought it was cool until I sang "Oh, Christmas Tree" for the rest of the day.


Have you found any amazing finds lately?  Anyone in the Quad Cities have some chairs for me to buy? 

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