Ike Wearing Charlie Be Good

If you've been reading awhile, you know that Ike is a very fashionable dog.  He's not really into clothes all that much.  He's more into accessories.  He loves bandannas, long ties and bow ties. Oh, does he love bow ties.  

I'm serious too.  The dog gets super excited about any new accessory.  I should video tape it.

He got REALLY excited when he received a package in the mail from France!  He's clearly an important dog.  What was in that package? 

Ike and a Charlie Be Good Tie.jpg

A bow tie!  An adorable hunter plaid bow tie from France!

The lovely owner of Charlie Be Good contacted me wondering if Ike would like a new accessory.  Ike pounced all over that opportunity.  He helped me pick out the hunter plaid bow tie.  We both thought it would look great for our upcoming holiday photo.

Charlie Be Good Tie and Ike.jpg

The owner of Charlie Be Good is super sweet. Her fabric selection is fantastic.  She finds her fabric in the Paris textile district.  That just sounds fancy. I think Davenport needs a textile district.  Still doesn't have the same ring, does it?

I am truly impressed with the quality of this tie.  I can sew dog ties but this tie was sewn to perfection.

And Ike thinks he looks stunning.  Modesty is not one of his strong suits. 

Charlie Be Good Tie.jpg

Be sure to check out Charlie Be Good for an adorable bow tie for your favorite pup.  They also just opened Charlie Be Home which is full of handmade and limited edition home decor, kids items and accessories. Such cute stuff!

Is your dog into accessories?  Is your dog more stylish than you are?  It's okay because mine is. 

 ***We weren't compensated for this post.  Ike received his ridiculously cute bow tie in exchange for modeling.***


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