I'm currently in the middle of about 32.7 projects.  Which means I have zero productive things to blog about this week.  But hold on for next week.

Let me distract you with some cute pictures of Ike and weird Michelle ramblings.

Here is Ike wearing a scarf.  He looks quite stunning in it.  Notice the tennis ball in the office?  There are approximately 32.7 tennis balls around our house at this very moment.

Ike in a Scarf

Here I am wearing a scarf that I knitted on Sunday while watching The Wonder Years.  I go through these phases were I knit like 32.7 scarves and then I don't knit again for another 11 months.

Knitted scarf

I sold my hutch on Craigslist last night.  It was one of the first pieces of furniture that I painted.  Sort of sentimental in a weird way.  The girl that bought it was in love so I feel like it went to a good home.  Now we are finishing up a project to replace it with.  And I'm in love.  My husband is a furniture building animal.

Also, we put up our Christmas trees this past weekend.  They aren't lit or decorated but they are up.  Our house is in this weird half fall/half Christmas stage and it's making my OCD self wig out.  Ike's cool though.


It has snowed 32.7 times in the past few weeks.  Or like 2 or 3 times. I can't remember.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long Winter.  Anyone in a warm climate have a guest room for me from approximately January to April?


Ike likes to sit like this while I vacuum.  He kills me.


So, that's life around our home the past week.  I'm off the new few days so hopefully I can knock out 32.7 projects!

Who has that guest room for me?  Have you started decorating for the holidays?