DIY Pumpkin Bookends

Yay! It's Monday!

I've lost it. 

Okay, so I'm not exactly pumped for Monday but I am pumped to share with you my Pumpkin Parade project.  I whipped up these pumpkin bookends in approximately 62 minutes.  42 of those minutes were paint/glue drying time. 

DIY Pumpkin Bookends.jpg

I mentioned last week that I am teaming up with some lovely ladies to host a pumpkin parade plus link party (on Friday!).  

I shared my fall mantel a couple of weeks ago.   I decided it could use a little more fall in it's life.  I'm not big on things screaming HOLIDAYS!!! so I came up with this simple bookend idea.

Pumpkin Bookend side.jpg
Pumpkin Bookend.jpg

These bookends are super simple to make.  Nate cut me some 1x4s to a size that seemed bookend appropriate.  I used wood glue to hold them together.

I gave them a quick coat of brown paint that I found in my basement paint stash.  It's embarrassing the amount of paint that is down there. 

I purchased two pumpkins from the dollar section at Target.  They were an atrosish gold.   I spray painted them.  Poorly.  Because I have zero patience. (They were pretty shiney and I should have ruffed them up a little.)  The dripped look is "in" now though. #trendfollower

When everything was dry, I placed the pumpkins on top of the bookends.  Done.  Just in time to watch the Amazing Race. 

DIY Pumpkin Bookends1.jpg

I think these guys are quite charming. 

DIY Pumpkin Bookends- Decor and the Dog.jpg
DIY Pumpkin Bookend side.jpg

Remember to share your pumpkin projects with us right here on Friday, October 11th.  (That's this week.  Get to pumpkining! (that's a verb).)  It's a joint link party so your project will be seen on all of our blogs!  Anything pumpkin will fly. Crafts, recipes, etc.  I look forward to checking out your pumpkin-ness! 

pumpkin parade.jpg


Need some pumpkin inspiration?

That good looking group above is sharing their projects all week.  Be sure to check out their pumpkin wonderfulness! 

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