If you've been reading awhile, you may have gathered that I'm obsessive compulsive.   

If you're new here, hi!  I'm obsessive compulsive. 

Nate and I went antiquing with my parents about a month ago. In one of the shops, I saw the coolest Mona Lisa replica.  Nate thought it was dumb. I was trying to be a good wife and compromise or something stupid. 

I kept thinking about Mona.  I couldn't get her out of my head. She needed to live in my house.  So I asked my dad if he would stop by and purchase her if she was still there.  He's all about supporting my crazy endeavors, as a good dad should. 

I received this text from him. 


This is why my dad is one of my favorite humans.  Besides the whole contributing to my life thing. 

So, I kept Mona a secret and Nate unwrapped her for his birthday.  My dad and I thought it was hilarious.  Nate didn't get it.  You know, the usual. 

She's quite stunning. 


I'm not exactly sure where she is going to permanently live.  I'm thinking the office or the dining room.  Only time will tell.   Or maybe above Nate's side of the bed.

There are a bunch of scribbles on the back.  I think someone thought it was an original.  Which it totally is. 


Moral of this story: I'm a crazy person with a cool dad who likes to do things that annoy her husband.

Happy weekend! 

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