Controlling the TV with My Mind

Phew.  Where did the weekend go?  I spent Saturday shopping in Naperville, Il with the ladies of Nate's family.  I didn't find a ton of house bargains (more clothes).  I did pick up our new dining room chairs though.  Super exciting.  That post will be coming soon.


Yesterday my family was in town for lunch.  It was a quick trip but it was good to see them.  I then played Nate's photography assistant as he took some family photos.  As fun as it all was, my hermit self longed for my couch.

So, I'm not much a tv person.  I have a few shows I DVR but I could go days without turning the tv on.  Nate, on the other hand, turns the tv on the second he walks in the door and doesn't shut it off until the second before he falls asleep.   

For his birthday he got the Logitech Harmony Remote from his parents. 


Nate wanted this remote because it has closed cabinet control.  Meaning you can control devices behind cabinet doors.  (Fancy!)  This will come in handy when we build our living room cabinets.  He also wanted it because you can control the tv, Roku box, etc with your smart phone.  What?  He hooked it up and showed me.  I was like, "Eh.  That's cool but the remote is sitting right there.  I don't get it."  He then tried to impress me by not shutting the tv off until we got all of the way upstairs or down the hall. I told him to stop being weird.

The other night I felt like watching tv.  I asked Nate to hand me the remote.  He said "no", as most loving husbands do.  I whined. He told me to use my phone.  I whined because I didn't know how to do that.  (Do you see why I don't watch tv?)  He hooked it up for me and HOLY COW, I CAN CHANGE THE TV WITH MY PHONE!!!!   My life is changed.


logitech harmony remote.jpg

Ike is impressed too.  Nate has our favorite channels stored so I just the HGTV button and bam! HGTV appears.  Super cool. You can adjust the volume, change the channel, anything.  Crazy. Ike loves it. 

That's today's pointless point.  I seriously can't get over how cool it is to turn the tv on with my phone. I'm sure the novelty will wear off but I'll keep telling everyone I know until then.  The only problem is that I can't call Nate weird anymore.  At least in regards to the phone remote business.   I also can't wait to get into a channel war using our phones.  Mwah ha ha.


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