Dream House

We’re back from vacationing with family in Wisconsin.  I hadn’t really ventured very far into Wisconsin before.  It’s pretty.  The thing about there being lots of cows is totally true.  Cows equal cheese.  I kind of liked it there.

So much so that I bought a house…


In my dreams.

It was love at first sight with this house.  For me.  And Ike. Nate’s sister and her husband even mentioned it to me without knowing that I was already madly in love with it.   Fate, I tell you.

Nate wasn’t really into it.  He kills most of my fun.  He got hung up with the “it appears to be structurally sound” wording in the real estate listing. I’m sure it was just a poor choice of words.  Always a stickler for the details that husband of mine.

Side note:  Here’s some important information that you should know.  It’s a hard job being married to me.  I’m obsessive and compulsive. I want to move to every town we vacation in.

Having said that, I’m madly in love with this house and I haven’t even stepped foot in it.  Because Nate wouldn’t let me. And I don’t like to talk to strangers about setting up house tours.  I totally should have. *kicks self*  I have mentally moved into it though with a guess at what the floor plan is like.  Normal people do this, right? 

Don’t answer that.

Who’s going to buy this house so I can live vicariously through you?  Do you mentally move into houses?  Do you want to move to your vacation destinations?  Does your husband hate fun?