Outdoor Folding Chairs

How was your Memorial Day week-end (U.S. readers)?  How was your Monday (non-U.S. readers)?

Our long holiday week-end was a wet one.  It was cold and gloomy.  The only positive was that we could blame our lack of productivity on the weather and not on laziness.  Thanks, Mother Nature.

We did get some stuff done.  Nate finished building our outdoor patio table (more on that next week).  Ike napped and barked at the poodle across the street.  I did some housewife stuff and a little painting.  I also did some successful thrifting.

A new antique store opened in town, The Antique Cartel.  The store has great displays, isn’t crammed with stuff and the items are priced well.  I shouldn’t be telling you all about this.  Don’t steal my bargains. My first visit didn’t disappoint.  I instantly fell in love with these chairs.

Thrifted Outdoor Folding Chair

I have had my eye on some West Elm outdoor folding chairs.  The West Elm chairs are $98 per chair.  Yeah.  $100 to sit outside.  Did I mention that I also need eight of them?  Yeah.  Dream big, Michelle.

The antique chairs above were $8 per chair. Are they in perfect condition?  No. Are they sturdy? Yes. Do they have some awesome charm and character?  Yes.  And they were $90 cheaper than the ones I had been drooling over.  Think I’ll take that $720 and do something fun.  Like pay off the mortgage. (Being married to an accountant is hard.)

Speaking of the mutant, I sent Nate a text to stop and check them out.  He approved without hesitation.  Amazing.  That never happens.

We loaded eight of them up and hauled them home.  (I only drug four out of the garage for blog photo purposes.  I’ll blame it on the potential for a downpour and not laziness.)

Thrifted Outdoor Folding Chair

Thrifted Outdoor Folding Chair

I am currently working on cleaning them up. I’m also going to give them a quick coat of poly to help them hold up against the elements.  We don’t use our back patio a ton so I think we’ll store them inside beings they fold up easily.

Man, I love a good bargain.

How was your week-end?  Any great finds lately?