Elusive Plans

Nate and I leave for Florida on Sunday.  We. Can’t. Wait. We plan for this trip to be a relaxing one.  Lots of reading on the beach.  Eating. Strolling.  Sun.  Warmth.  Hurry up Sunday!

Ike will be vacationing with his grandparents.  Which is basically his equivalent to going to Florida.  Poor thing works so hard.  He deserves a vacation.


The blog may be quiet next week.  I may have an update house tour.  We’ll see.  It depends on many factors including my motivation, Nate’s motivation and we need the gloom and doom to disappear from Iowa.  Not looking good, folks.  Hey, maybe I’ll just post vacation photos.  Who knows!

We do have good stuff coming. You keep talking about these elusive plans but what exactly are they boring blogger?  I’m glad you ask, dear reader. 

(All of these photos are courtesy of my phone.  Because it’s important for before pictures to appear as horrible as possible.)

I am super duper extremely close to finishing up the craft room.  Good bloggers post final reveals.  You get me.  I’m so excited with how this is turning out.  I’m just not excited about the amount of time it’s taking.


Our dining room is getting a new table.  We potentially have some awesome barn wood lined up.  Our current table is fine.  It’s just not us.  And we’re afraid to use it because it scratches easily.  That’s no way to live.  I might remove the dying flowers someday also.  Maybe.  That’s asking a lot.


One of the projects were are most excited about is our master bathroom.  We are partnering with an awesome company that rhymes with Smile Bop.  Okay, it’s the Tile Shop and we are beyond excited to replace these builder grade mirrors with some walls of tile.  I don’t squeal but I’m squealing over this one.


I should probably add replace light bulb and get dressed before 5 PM to the list as well.  And probably pick up Ike’s beaver.  My life is falling apart, I tell you.


We are partnering with the Home Depot to beautify our outdoor space.  Those posts should start soon after we return.  I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and plant some flowers!  If it’s not snowing…

Spring Before 2013 patio

When it turns 95 out and we start whining about how hot it is (even though we promised ourselves we wouldn’t beings this is the longest winter known to man), our attention will move to our office.  The walls will be getting a new coat of paint.  This brown just doesn’t do much for me anymore.  I should probably straighten up a little too.  There will also be a new sectional if I can ever weasel Nate into going to Ikea in Chicago with me.  My husband manipulating skills are lacking lately.  As is my ability to take a straight photo.  And be organized.


There you have it.  Big plans.  Big summer ahead!

What are your summer plans?  Vacation plans?