Stencil Dilemma

Because I was super lazy this week-end.  (I’m going to blame the gloomy weather.)

Because I can’t make up my mind.  (This I can’t blame on the weather.)

Because everyone loves surveys.  (It’s true.)

Because people like to tell other people what to do. (Super true.)

What should I do with that white wall in my craft room?

Craft Room

If you’re new/catching up on the craft room, the walls are Sherwin Williams March Wind. The buffet is Sherwin Williams Agate Green. The buttons are a mix of white, coral, green and grey.  The sewing table is white with a Sun Bleached stain. The chairs are getting a paint job but I think they depend on my wall choice.  I plan on replacing the light (get over it Nate) and adding some colorful art above the sewing table.

That white wall is confusing me.  I have two stencils options that I am pondering.  Royal Design Studios Modern Chevron and Royal Design Studios Hollywood Squares

(This is not a sponsored post.  I won the stencils by entering our powder room into a Craftbaby contest.  RDS will offer up a stencil for a giveaway if I get my act together and get to stenciling.  Think of that as motivation for helping me out.)

Stencil Woes

I just can’t commit. Design paralysis. I’m probably just overthinking this (in true Michelle fashion). I just can’t decide.

Do I do coral chevron?  Or grey chevron (I would use March Wind.  I have decided that much.)?  But chevron is so overdone.  But I like it.

The squares are really fun but will probably take me 100 years to finish.  But grey squares. I can see it.  Or coral.  Coral is always good.

Or I could leave the walls white, find a fun fabric for a curtain and call it done.

What would you do with that white wall? 

Thanks for helping out an indecisive blogger.